What does your perfect day look like?

Whether you're a brunch queen, an urban explorer, or a bar crawler we've got you covered.
giya is the easiest way to explore curated local itineraries that make experiencing a city more fun.

A perfect day starts with a moment.

With giya, you can combine the best of a variety of experiences- why not follow up that fun trip to the beach with a stop by a hidden Korean-Uzbek restaurant for a delicious dinner, and then a refreshing movie at a vintage movie theater nearby? giya's curated experiences take the hassle out of planning your perfect day.

What to do when you get there.

Our curators know what you're going to need before you do. Each stop along the way comes with suggestions so that you can get more from the space that you're in. Taking a beach trip? Instead of going straight there, make a stop at a local Japanese bakery to get some iced matchas and pastries before hitting the sand.

Go someplace else. With friends.

giya's collaboration tools make it easy for friends to experience new and undiscovered urban pathways together. Does your bestie live in another city? No worries. giya's sharing tools make it easy to export all of your videos and photos to the gram and other social platforms. giya can even allow you to share your progress live, so your friends can get in on the fun from afar.